The Plan

Formulating a prep plan for standardized testing can be daunting:

  1. When should test prep begin?
  2. How much time should students devote to the PSAT, the SAT, the ACT, SAT Subject Tests, AP and/or IB tests?
  3. How do students balance preparation for these tests with so many other activities and obligations?
  4. What score improvements might individual students expect?
  5. How should they address individual strengths and weaknesses?
  6. When should tests be scheduled?

The answers to these questions will of course vary widely. There are many paths to success, but certain factors greatly improve a student’s potential:  attention to core coursework, a reasonably early start to test prep, a realistic integration of test prep into a very busy life, and, importantly, flexibility in dealing with unexpected issues which invariably arise.

Each plan must also incorporate the idiosyncrasies of family life, of vacations, and of a student’s personality, abilities, determination, and goals. The best way to formulate a plan is to contact a professional who specializes in test preparation and has the experience of having dealt with hundreds of diverse situations.

Target Tutoring offers two tracks:
Core Curriculum I (SAT)
and Core Curriculum II (ACT). The SAT and the ACT present their own distinct challenges for students. The SAT, generally speaking, is less straightforward in both presentation and content, whereas the ACT, though fairly direct, is more time-pressured. Importantly, the ACT offers a substantially more convenient schedule of testing as well as greater availability of official practice tests. Target Tutoring’s curriculum has been meticulously designed to deal with the attributes and drawbacks of each test, while taking advantage of the extensive overlap between the tests.


Why are small group classes the preferred format for delivering SAT and ACT curriculum?

  1. Intensive nature of the Target Tutoring class experience. The longer format of our classes has several compelling benefits.
    • The SAT and ACT are approximately four hours long. Target Tutoring classes are generally three hours per class, allowing students to develop the mental endurance necessary for success on standardized tests.
    • Long-format classes allow for greater depth and complexity of instruction.
  2. Small group classes encourage quicker adoption of Impeccable Technique™, the array of strategies and skills that students will employ. Students realize that they can learn to conquer the SAT and ACT just as they can conquer subject matter taught in school. In this way, Target Tutoring classes demystify the process of standardized testing.
  3. Learning is more enjoyable for most students in a class environment. Studying for the SAT and ACT is a challenging, long-term endeavor. There are no quick fixes. Classes provide a warm, social environment which helps ease this process.
  4. Time. Students have extremely busy schedules. Compact class formats minimize disruption to schoolwork and extracurricular activities; such formats also reduce overall time spent travelling to and from tutoring.
  5. Fewer excuses for not doing the necessary work. The positive aspects of peer pressure help ensure that students show up to class prepared!
  6. Individual attention. Small group classes ensure that students receive plenty of personalized attention. Individual student participation and questions are highly valued and add greatly to the overall classroom experience. Often, students will raise questions or concerns that others have not formulated but would still like to know about.