SAT Wordsmith Workshop

Over three sessions, the SAT Wordsmith Workshop™ will elucidate those aspects of vocabulary necessary for success on the SAT Evidence-Based Reading and Writing sections as well as on the SAT Essay. Students will gain insights into the vibrant and sometimes confounding nature of words.

True to its name, the course will inspire students to become wordsmiths. Like a goldsmith who crafts precious metal into beautiful shapes, a wordsmith has the knowledge and confidence to wield words into meaningful thought.

In the SAT Wordsmith Workshop, we strike a balance between the rational and the idiomatic aspects of English – teaching students how to be confident enough to take on new words, yet cautious enough to guard against word traps. The course is far more than a simple review of words and meanings: we create an interactive experience using innovative flash card techniques, unforgettable mnemonic devices, and carefully interwoven themes.

Although the skills gained in the SAT Wordsmith Workshop apply beyond the SAT, the course will maintain its pragmatic focus on the exam. There are a number of reasons why vocabulary is paramount on the new SAT:

  1. Many of the difficult Reading and Writing questions hinge on understanding tricky or nuanced vocabulary.
  2. Enhanced vocabulary will improve overall comprehension of the historic documents or classic literary texts that will now appear on the new SAT. Even good readers will benefit from a more extensive and precise vocabulary. Strong readers often guess the meaning of unfamiliar words through context; sometimes they guess successfully, sometimes not.
  3. The use of well-chosen words will help essays gleam.

The cost of the SAT Wordsmith Workshop is $750.