January 2, 2017 


As prospects for the New Year beckon, I would like to update you on SAT/ACT prep plans for 2017. Many students have already undertaken substantial preparation through Target Tutoring for this year’s testing cycle; given all of the hard work, I am happy to report that 2016 PSAT scores have come in very strong, with a record number of Target Tutoring’s juniors likely to qualify for the National Merit Scholarship Program. Likewise, ACT results so far this academic year clearly demonstrate the value of our thorough and intensive approach. Next up, the January 21st SAT and the February 11th ACT!

Some students are just starting with Target Tutoring. For juniors, there is still enough time to prepare for the March 11th SAT and the April 8th ACT, but plans should be solidified without delay.

General Plan for Juniors:

For those who have already completed Target Tutoring’s Core Curriculum, we are offering the following courses to fine-tune students’ skills in the lead-up to the January 21st SAT:

  • SAT Wrap-Up – a comprehensive review of Target Tutoring’s Impeccable Technique™ for the reading, grammar, and math sections of the SAT. The cost of this two-day course is $400.

    Saturday, Jan 7 11am-2pm (Fundamentals) or 3-6pm (Intensive)
    Saturday, Jan 14 11am-2pm (Fundamentals) or 3-6pm (Intensive)
    Instructor: William

  • SAT Vocabulary Accelerator – This course adds nuance and depth to the concepts introduced in the SAT Wordsmith Workshop; it also provides a highly structured platform for students to finalize the vocabulary preparation necessary for top SAT scores. The cost of this two-day course is $400.

    Tuesday, Jan 10 6-9pm
    Tuesday, Jan 17 6-9pm
    Instructor: Patricia

  • SAT Essay Seminar – This one-day course will offer students a framework for handling the SAT Essay with confidence; the cost is $200.

    Sunday, Jan 15 11am-2pm
    Instructor: Patricia

For the students who are just beginning with Target Tutoring, we have a new round of courses focused on the Core Curriculum to prepare students for the March 11th SAT.

  • SAT Math Intensive – This course includes a review of key geometry and algebra topics, along with select trigonometry, pre-calculus, and statistics problems. The SAT Math Intensive also introduces techniques and strategies to help students make the most of their math knowledge. The cost of this five-day course is $1100.

    Tuesday, Jan 24 6-9pm
    Tuesday, Jan 31 6-9pm
    Tuesday, Feb 7 6-9pm
    Tuesday, Feb 14 6-9pm
    Tuesday, Feb 21 6-9pm
    Instructor: William

  • SAT Wordsmith Workshop™ – Over three sessions, the SAT Wordsmith Workshop will elucidate those aspects of vocabulary necessary for success on the SAT Evidence-Based Reading and Writing sections as well as on the SAT Essay. Students will gain insights into the vibrant and sometimes confounding nature of words. The cost of this course is $750.

    Saturday, Jan 28 3-6pm
    Saturday, Feb 4 3-6pm
    Saturday, Feb 18 3-6pm
    Instructor: Patricia

  • SAT Writing Module – This two-day course expands upon the lessons embedded in the SAT Wordsmith Workshop by providing a comprehensive structural approach to English grammar. The SAT Writing Module will exploit Target Tutoring’s proprietary adaptation of sentence diagramming to help students better grasp the underlying anatomy of complex sentences. The cost is $400.

    Saturday, Feb 25 3-6pm
    Saturday, Mar 4 3-6pm
    Instructor: Patricia

  • SAT Doc Class™ – The SAT Doc Class will focus primarily on helping students fathom less accessible texts that feature on the SAT. We will delve into seminal historical documents such as the Declaration of Independence, George Washington’s Farewell Address, and Thomas Jefferson’s First Inaugural Address as well as political treatises by Edmund Burke, Mary Wollstonecraft, Henry David Thoreau, Frederick Douglass, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, and Martin Luther King, Jr. We will also examine excerpts from literary works by authors such as Jane Austen, Charlotte Brontë, and Aldous Huxley. The SAT Doc Class will present Target Tutoring’s strategies for the SAT’s Evidence-Based Reading section, including our proprietary Couplets™ method. This course, which will take place over four three-hour sessions, costs $1000.

    Tuesday, Feb 28 6-9pm
    Thursday, Mar 2 6-9pm
    Tuesday, Mar 7 6-9pm
    Thursday, Mar 9 6-9pm
    Instructor: William

With respect to the ACT, Target Tutoring is offering the following Core Curriculum to prepare students for the April 8th ACT: ACT Fundamentals, ACT Math Booster, and ACT Science Primer™.

  • ACT Fundamentals – This course will cover techniques and topics for all sections of the ACT exam (English, Math, Reading, Science, and Essay). The pace of the class will allow students adequate time to develop the skills and confidence needed to maximize performance on the ACT. The cost of the ACT Fundamentals course is $1200.

    Option A
    Saturday, Jan 28 11am-2pm
    Saturday, Feb 4 11am-2pm
    Saturday, Feb 18 11am-2pm
    Saturday, Feb 25 11am-2pm
    Saturday, Mar 4 11am-2pm
    Instructor: Patricia

    Option B
    Tuesday, Feb 28 6-8:30pm
    Tuesday, Mar 7 6-8:30pm
    Tuesday, Mar 14 6-8:30pm
    Tuesday, Mar 21 6-8:30pm
    Tuesday, Mar 28 6-8:30pm
    Tuesday, Apr 4 6-8:30pm
    Instructor: Patricia

  • ACT Math Booster – This course includes a review of key geometry and algebra topics, along with select trigonometry, pre-calculus, and statistics problems. The ACT Math Booster also introduces techniques and strategies to help students succeed on the time-pressured ACT Math test. The cost of this six-day course is $1100.

    Thursday, Feb 9 6-8:30pm
    Thursday, Feb 16 6-8:30pm
    Thursday, Mar 16 6-8:30pm
    Thursday, Mar 23 6-8:30pm
    Thursday, Mar 30 6-8:30pm
    Thursday, Apr 6 6-8:30pm
    Instructor: William

  • ACT Science Primer™ – Target Tutoring’s innovative ACT Science Primer helps students tackle the tricky and often intimidating ACT Science test with confidence. This two-day course introduces students to a variety of relevant science topics and provides a systematic approach to navigating the ACT’s most open-ended and unpredictable section. The cost of the ACT Science Primer is $400.

    Option A
    Saturday, Jan 28 3-6pm
    Sunday, Jan 29 3-6pm
    Instructor: William

    Option B
    Saturday, Mar 18 3-6pm
    Sunday, Mar 19 3-6pm
    Instructor: William

General Plan for Sophomores:

The plan for sophomores revolves around two principal goals:

  1. Ideally, students will have worked through Target Tutoring’s Core Curriculum by the time of the 11th grade PSAT (which takes place mid-October).
  2. They will be fully prepared to take their first official ACT by December of junior year and their first official SAT by January of junior year.

Why do I recommend that most students take the December ACT and the January SAT rather than reversing the order of testing? Both the December ACT and the January SAT are published exams; in other words, about two months after taking the tests, students will receive a copy of the exam itself and the answers they chose (provided that they order the Test Information Release service, or TIR, for the ACT and the Question and Answer Service, or QAS, for the SAT). These services are only available on published tests. The ACT publishes its December, April, and June tests, whereas the SAT publishes its January, May, and October tests. The information gleaned from these published results is invaluable as a diagnostic tool. Having access to the published SAT is particularly important over the next year or two, since the new SAT is still in its early stages.

Of course, the plans laid out above represent a general guide. All prep plans at Target Tutoring are tailored to the individual student. In addition, please keep in mind that preparation for standardized tests is a dynamic process, contingent upon many variables.

To register for courses or to explore a plan for your son or daughter, you may call us at 786-431-5420 or email me at You may also use our contact form.

Please remember that those who start this process early generally garner the best results.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Best regards,



January 3, 2016 

Beginning in January 2016, Target Tutoring will offer an exciting lineup of small group classes designed for the new SAT. Parents and students should expect that the test will be just as challenging as its predecessor. In response, Target Tutoring has updated its flagship classes (SAT Wordsmith Workshop™, SAT Math Intensive, and SAT Precision Practice™) and has created engaging new courses (SAT Doc Class™ and SAT Writing Module).

Although there will be significant changes, the core of the SAT will remain. For better or for worse, many of the same tropes, prejudices, and obsessions will continue.

Perhaps the greatest misconception about the new SAT is that there will no longer be a focus on vocabulary. The SAT has stated, to the contrary, that there will be an emphasis on words that will be useful to students in college work. It is true that the SAT will deemphasize esoteric words such as pulchritude or effete; however, words such as anecdotal, empirical, conflate, and so many others will remain important. Moreover, the College Board has stated that it will rely more heavily on documents such as The Declaration of Independence and other key historical and literary works. There is no way to understand such writings without a formidable vocabulary.

The new SAT will differ from the old SAT in several key ways:

  1. The new score will have a maximum of 1600 instead of 2400.
    • Evidence-Based Reading and Writing (out of 800)
    • Math (out of 800)
    • A separate trio of essay scores (each out of 8)
  2. Instead of nine relatively short sections, the new SAT will consist of five longer sections.
  3. The essay will change dramatically and increase in length to 50 minutes. The essay will be analytical in nature and will not require students to use outside examples or to judge the validity of the claims made in the selected passage.
  4. Math on the new SAT will focus more heavily on core areas such as linear functions, proportional reasoning, and practical applications of math knowledge. However, trigonometry and pre-calculus will also be tested. Calculator use will be deemphasized; in fact, of the two math sections, one will disallow calculator use.

Core Classes:




January 26, 2014 

A recent study published by Business Insider ranked Ransom Everglades 21st among the high schools with the highest SAT / ACT scores in the nation.

Congratulations to Ransom Everglades students for this outstanding achievement!

Congratulations, in particular, to all of those Ransom students who completed Target Tutoring’s test prep curriculum and contributed to this accomplishment with their own stellar scores.